My Approach - Mindset Coach - Coaching with Hilary

My Approach

Using a Cognitive Behavioural Coaching approach (CBC) we will focus on identifying your faulty and negative cognitive distortions (thoughts, beliefs and perceptions), that stem from events, people or circumstances in your life. These limiting beliefs negatively impact your behaviours and in turn, produce unwanted results and outcomes, both personally and professionally.

The premise of CBC is that our outcomes are a direct result of our thoughts, beliefs and interpretations of events, circumstances or people, whether accurate or not. Simply put, the way we feel (Emotions) and the actions (Behaviours) we choose are a direct result of how we think (Cognition).

The ABC Approach

Activating Event. We will first identify the event or circumstance that activates a high emotional negative response which creates dysfunctional thinking.

Beliefs. The way we interpret or perceive circumstances, people or events is solely based on our beliefs. We see what we believe. Together we will dig into your story and look at your patterns of thought in order to identify your beliefs on any given subject in your life.

Consequences. We must identify your negative emotions and behaviours (responses, reactions, actions and inactions) that are a result of your beliefs. Do they serve you? Are they holding you back?

Dispute. Once we identify the beliefs you hold that produce negative consequences (behaviours and emotions) we can then dig deeper and challenge these beliefs. Are they even true? Do they interfere with having a healthy, happy and peaceful reality? Do they limit your progress?

Exchange. We will replace your faulty, negative or untrue beliefs with a new set of beliefs. By helping you reinterpret your belief system we can forge new ways for you to perceive the circumstances and people in your life. This will result in alternative behaviours and actions that serve you and get you what you want! Let’s try on a different lens!

The end goal is to get you to master your awareness of thought. When you can become consciously aware of your thinking you will then have the ability to control the direction of your thoughts and the meaning you attach to them.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.