Testimonials - Coaching with Hilary

What My Clients Are Saying

I came to Hilary because I was in a slump and was not enjoying my life or seeing things from an optimistic perspective. I felt that this was because of the cards that I had been recently dealt with in life. In my mind I was perfectly aware that my mindset had a lot to do with the challenges I was facing. I did feel as though changing my mindset would change my situation and how I felt about it. Still my days felt gloomy and I was unsatisfied. What Hilary did was take what I already knew about Mindset and truly put into action how I can control it. You see thoughts are just that, thoughts, not reality. Thoughts are the emotions that we attribute to something. The real facts are the properties of that thing and nothing more. Change our minds and we change how we feel about things. She also taught me to treasure my blessings and the things that are good in my life. Life is filled with change. Change comes for everyone, but we can control our mindsets in order to manage how we feel during these trying times. I would recommend Hilary for anyone going through hard times or need to because more fully and wholly aware of how we see and feel about these changes.

Robert Henry, Canada

Hilary, you have made a huge impact on my life. I know coaching is what you do for a living and you help many people, but this was a very personal and vulnerable investment for me.

For over 45 years I have viewed myself in a most negative light. It was always a struggle and I mostly landed in a place of defeat and poor self-esteem, sometimes self-hatred.

I was an actress to my parents, brothers, friends, colleagues, strangers. Bubbly and happy - which Is a genuine gear of mine but so often with such deep hurt, self-hatred and secrets below the surface. No one really knew.

I was a great comedian, often animated and great at self-deprecation. Never thinking that this only deepened myself loathing. Unaware of how I was hurting myself while getting fleeting joy from making people laugh.

You will never be called "the coach that helped me". YOU, Hilary, are the one who brought me to life. I never once felt you were just doing your job or that your questions or comments were canned or copied from a textbook. It felt so personalized and relevant.

I am ever grateful for all of It and you'll never be forgotten.

YOU gave ME back to myself. Does that make sense? That sweet young girl with hopes and dreams Is back. She's even smarter, sweeter and more beautiful than she ever was. And she knows It now…..

Johanne Bilous, Canada

Being coached by Hilary totally transformed and shifted me from being someone who thought he was infallible and indestructible, to realizing that I was blocking my own progress. She dug deep into my thinking, beliefs and perspectives in terms of how I viewed the circumstances and people in my life, not to mention how I felt about myself. I opened up, listened and did the work. This resulted in me becoming extremely self aware and vulnerable which then translated into more meaningful relationships in my personal and professional life. Take the leap of faith, you will be amazed when you discover the power you actually have over yourself! Now I create the experiences I wasn’t in my life, it no longer happens “to me”!

Richard Cotton, Cercan Tile

So grateful for Hilary’s skilled coaching. She helped me make a critical breakthrough. She is a great listener, steeped in a game-changing methodology, and is an absolute delight to work with! Something getting in your way? Call Hilary!

Beth B. CEO Washington D.C

Hilary genuinely helped me with a major transformation I was struggling with. I was going through a life transition that I was feeling insecure about. She helped guide me, in a safe, non-judgemental and un-biased way that allowed me to look at the positive and negative aspects of my final decision. Thank you Hilary, your genuine care and concern for others shows greatly in your coaching sessions.

CJ. Entrepreneur Toronto

Everyone deserves to be listened to and heard mindfully and non judgementally. It must be difficult to put yourself and all your thoughts, beliefs and personal perspectives in check when listening to clients. It’s an admirable quality. You took the time to truly listen, to ask questions and to better understand my head space. This ultimately led to me better understand myself. Every conversation gave me insight I didn’t realize I had. You taught me to face my insecurities, dig deep, do the hard work and come out on top. No relationship has the power to take you down unless you let it!! I repeat that statement often. It sounds simple - it’s not!! Thank you for your continued support and ability to keep me accountable for my own actions and reactions. Looking forward to our next session!

C.G. Executive Recruiter, FBS Group Toronto

I had the pleasure of training with Hilary a while back where she coached me to identify some core issues I was holding onto. She helped me recognize that some of the stories I was telling myself were keeping me trapped and were not allowing me to achieve the kind of peace of mind I was searching for. She was able to get to the heart of my story easily and helped me realized these challenges. She was open, honest and sincere in her approach. She created a warm and safe space for me to open up and share.

Chari Schwartz, Toronto

Hilary was my first point of contact at another coaching company she was working with. She had reached out to me to schedule my initial assessment and coaching call, and it was great! Speaking with her back in February (which seems like a hundred years ago - before COVID), was enlightening. She was personable and asked great questions that really engaged me. I was very pleased with that call - but it was not until during my coaching program that I realized just how good it was. Hilary assessed and evaluated my needs and my challenges so well that she hit a home run, as the coach she matched me with was amazing and so much more that I could have ever expected. From this experience, I can honestly say that Hilary is an experienced and insightful coach and hopefully someday I will be able to work with her again.

Jeffrey Rothchild President, Proforma Peak Printing & Promotions, Salt Lake City

I worked with Hilary very recently to help address a number of my personal life stressors and she helped me in ways I didn't even think were possible! She is so professional, amazing with communication, and really helped me work with the roots of my problems that helped me in several aspects of my life. She was genuinely rooting for me, and with her guidance I was able to accomplish things I simply would not have been able to have the courage to do even a month ago. Hilary is completely understanding and non-judgmental and I found it really easy to open up to her. I am so incredibly grateful to have worked with her and will be extending this coaching because it is just so helpful. I cannot recommend her enough!

Paige Kemper